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Praise Hashem: Kadosh

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Elohim Echad! Hashem is a MONOTHEIST, not a Trinitarian God!
Yeshua HaMelech HaMashiach (“jesus”), who was Messiah ben Yosef and who is Messiah ben David —
Yeshua and I worship the same God! Sh’ma Israel! Adonai Eloheinu – Adonai ECHAD!

And who is Yeshua (“jesus”)? He is NOT who you might think he is! Tikkun (correction, repair) starts here.

Praise Hashem! Praise Adonai!


Kadosh kadosh kadosh
Kadosh kadosh kadosh

Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot
Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot

Asher hayah
V’hoveh v’yavo
Asher hayah
V’hoveh v’yavo

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Praise YHWH

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April 27, 2013 at 15:46

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