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Hope for Sderot

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Can you financially support HopeForSderot? It's so easy! / HPS finanziell unterstützen ist ganz einfach!

“Hope for Sderot” is supporting 480 poor families or single mothers with food. Due to lack of financial support they weren’t able to help last month. Can you help? Please see my page. I’ve visited HopeForSderot in May and been able to see how this team works. They are doing a great job!
Go directly to:

Video: Rocket City (in English – from: Augenzeugen)
Video: Raketenstadt (in German/auf Deutsch – from/von: Augenzeugen)
What Mainstream media report
Hope for Sderot (

… and see some pictures on my Picasa Web album.

(Vimeo Video) in English: Rocket City (from Augenzeugen):

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(Vimeo Video) in German/auf Deutsch: Raketenstadt (from Augenzeugen):

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Mainstream Media:

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Reality (see also
HAMAS terrorist organization can fire rockets deep into Israel. Sderot is the closest target!

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Hope for Sderot: Go to

Food supply for the poor. Kassams Still Coming In… Food Still Going Out.
Hope For Sderot

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