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Rachamim Avakesh

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Elohim Echad! Hashem is a MONOTHEIST, not a Trinitarian God!
Yeshua HaMelech HaMashiach (“jesus”), who was Messiah ben Yosef and who is Messiah ben David —
Yeshua and I worship the same God! Sh’ma Israel! Adonai Eloheinu – Adonai ECHAD!

But who is Yeshua (Jesus) anyway? Answer: He is the Jewish Yeshua, the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Shaliach, not the Christian Jesus!
For further studies please visit Torah Of Messiah ( or
Chut Ham’Shulash NCTF – Chut Ham’Shulash (
See also: Leaving Christianity – Following Messiah.

Rachamim Avakesh / I ask for mercy

(“Rachamim Avakesh by Yariv Goldman”, Channel “cielo goldman”, Link ok 6-NOV-2015)

Avo laset tfila be’ad ami / I come to lift a prayer on behalf of my people.
Libi kamaim bekirbi / My heart is as water within me.
Esa koli la’el hachai, ro’I (2x) / I lift my voice to the Living God Who sees.
Befi tfila lerachamim / A prayer for mercy on my lips.
Rachamim avakesh (2x) / I seek mercy, I seek mercy,
Lema’an shimcha (2x) / For Your name’s sake (2x)
Rachamim avakesh / I seek mercy.
(by Yariv Goldman)

This song is in compliment to Elijah Stebbins (1/26/2015-1/26/2015) and his parents, Thomas Stebbins and Casey Frith Stebbins; and in honor of my HP workmate and brother in faith, John Stebbins, founder of Christ @ Compaq)

BTW: We also sang this song in Yad HaShmona, Israel, in 2012, with Dutch friends:

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Praise YHWH

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February 10, 2015 at 06:15

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